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Update Specter_Standalone.py

parent 97c42c5a
......@@ -122,15 +122,15 @@ def RegressSpectraOntoLibrary(DIASpectrum,Library,tol,maxWindowOffset):
return Output
def RegressSpectraOntoLibraryWithDecoys(DIASpectrum,precMZ,precRT,index,windowWidth,Library,tol,maxWindowOffset):
def RegressSpectraOntoLibraryWithDecoys(DIASpectrum,Library,tol,maxWindowOffset):
#precMZ = float(DIASpectrum[1])
#precRT = float(DIASpectrum[2]) #MS2 scan retention time, in minutes
#index = DIASpectrum[3]
#windowWidth = DIASpectrum[4]
precMZ = float(DIASpectrum[1])
precRT = float(DIASpectrum[2]) #MS2 scan retention time, in minutes
index = DIASpectrum[3]
windowWidth = DIASpectrum[4]
DIASpectrum = np.array(DIASpectrum)
DIASpectrum = np.array(DIASpectrum[0])
RefSpectraLibrary = Library
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