Unverified Commit 20bf5e38 authored by Ryan Peckner's avatar Ryan Peckner Committed by GitHub
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Update Specter_Standalone.py

parent 1e28433b
......@@ -206,8 +206,8 @@ def RegressSpectraOntoLibraryWithDecoys(DIASpectrum,Library,tol,maxWindowOffset)
if DecoyCandidatesLocations[k][i] % 2 == 1])
UniqueRowIndices = [i for i in set(np.concatenate((RefSpectraLibrarySparseRowIndices,DecoyLibrarySparseRowIndices)))]
UniqueRowIndices = np.unique(np.concatenate((RefSpectraLibrarySparseRowIndices,DecoyLibrarySparseRowIndices)))
UniqueRowIndices = np.sort(UniqueRowIndices)
DIASpectrumIntensities=DIASpectrum[UniqueRowIndices,1] #Project the spectrum to those m/z bins at which at least one column of the coefficient matrix has a nonzero entry
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